the word shaman

Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 20:34:26 CST

Ruby, the word *shaman* is of Mongol origin. I don't recall whether or not
it was a male monopoly outside the stars of the profession at the courts of
the Khans. As in, all women are required to cook; exceptional men have the
opportunity to become chefs.

The pure case, I suppose, is the Chinese usage of the word *Man* as a
racist epithet for Palaeo-Burman-speaking peoples of Southwest China in
medieval times. It can't possibly be a suffix....

And, oh yeah, Ruby, please do me a favour and don't say such stuff about
my old friend Doctress Neutopia.

Daniel A. Foss