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On Wed, 25 Oct 1995, Adam Redman wrote:

> Hi,
> I am an undergraduate anthropology student who is doing a paper on
> the Nazca lines in southern Peru. Can anyone recommend any good sources of
> information? Thanks.
> Adam Redman
> SUNY Plattsburgh

Here are several sources, some more useful than others:

Aveni, Anthony (ed.). 1990. The lines of Nazca. Memoirs of the
American Philosophical Society, vol. 183. Philadelphia, PA: American
Philosophical Society (Aveni is an archeoastronomer who has published
widely on the subject, currently at Colgate Univ.)

Hadingham, Evan. 1987. Lines to the mountain gods: Nazca and the
mysteries of Peru. New York: Random House

Isbell, William H. 1978. "The Prehistoric Ground Drawings of Peru."
Scientific American 239(4):140-153 (Oct. 1978) (Isbell is an
archeologist who has worked extensively in Peru, currently at

MYSTERIES OF PERU. LINES. 1985. video, 50 min. St. Paul, MN: The Video

Panizo Ramirez, Cesar. 1988. The Nazca lines. Lima:

Pezzia Assereto, Alejandro. 1962. La cultural nazca. Las grandes
civilizaciones del antiguo Peru, tomo 2. Lima: Peruano-Suiza

Reiche, Maria. 1968. Geheimnis der Wueste. / Mystery of the desert. /
Secreto de la pampa. Stuttgart: Offizindruck AG (a trilingual
description of the Nazca lines and figures. Maria Reiche is a German
expatriot who lived for many years in Peru and who dedicated her life to
documenting the Nazca drawings and reconstructing the techniques by which
they were constructed)

Reiche, Maria. 1974. "Las Gigantescas Huellas de Nazca y Palpa,"
Imagen, No. 3

Reinhard, Johan. 1986. The Nazca lines, a new perspective on their
origin and meaning. Lima:

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