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karl h schwerin (schwerin@UNM.EDU)
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On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, Heather Howard wrote:

> I am putting together an annotated bibliography on Native women in
> Bolivia and related material on Latin America that pertains to Native
> social movements and poverty, economic development and migration, and
> changing gender roles and women's rights. If anyone out there knows of
> relvant material in these topic areas and would kindly direct them to my
> attention, I would greatly appreciate it.
> Thanks, H. A. Howard,

There's not much out there that I am aware of. Below are the few
references that I do have. You might also try contacting Prof. Barbara
Leons, Dept. of Soc & Anth, Towson State Univ., Baltimore, MD 21204

ANDEAN WOMEN. 1974. 16mm, 17 mins. Bolivia ser. American Universities
Field Service / Wheelock Educational Resources (rev. by Paul Doughty.
1977. Am. Anthrop. 79(3):752-753)

Bolivia, Native People of. 1973. "The Tiahuanacu Manifesto, proclaimed
by the Native People of Bolivia," Akwesasne Notes Rooseveltown, NY:

Centro de Promocion de la Mujer Greforia Apaza. 1990. Mujer Aymara
urbana. La Paz: El Centro

Eckstein, Susan. 1983. "Transformation of a 'Revolution from Below' --
Bolivia and International Capital." Comp. Studies in Society & History

Ovando Sanz, Jorge Alejandro. 1980. Indigenismo. La Paz: Ed. "Juventud"

Riester, Jurgen. 1975. Indians of eastern Bolivia: Aspects of their
present situation. IWGIA Document No. 18. Copenhagen: International
Workgroup for Indigenous Affairs

1991. Situacion de los indigenas en la Amazonia
Boliviana. La Paz: ILDIS/UAGRM/C.C.C.

Simmons, Roger A. 1974. Palca and Pucara: A study of the effects of
revolution on two Bolivian haciendas. Univ. of California Publications
in Anthropology, vol. 9. Berkeley, CA: Univ. of California Press

Stearman, Allyn MacLean. 1985. Camba and Kolla: Migration and
development in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Gainesville, FL: Univ. Presses of

Tumiri Apaza, Julio (ed.). 1978. The Indian Liberation and Social
Rights Movement in Kollasuyu (Bolivia). IWGIA Document 30. Copenhagen:
International Workgroup on Indigenous Affairs

Hope this is helpful.

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