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Wed, 1 Nov 1995 10:18:14 EDT

U2>Hola Pablo,
U2> Yo no he leido estos libros. Pero, si tengas en el futuro otras
U2>preguntas antropologias, y quieras preguntarlas en espanol, tratare de
U2>ayudarte. Quisiera mejorar mi espanol (crecia en Puerto Rico pero todavia
U2>soy "huera") siempre. Estudio antropologia en Chicago, EU. Despues-
U2> Karolina

Hola Karolina ...
I think my spanish name, made a kind of trick, because I am
brazilian :) Actualy, I have a lot of questions, as I am undegraduate
at History, although we have some disciplin in anthropology, our
knowlodge is not enough... Do you Know Tzvetan Todorov, he was an
estruturalistic, but my question :
Is does Estruturalism can or could answer the questions of the
interpretation, as we live in a world that the rationality is not the
only guide.
I don't think my english allowed me to be as clear as I could ...
But thid cottage from MARX could speak for me " All that is solid melts
into air" from the title of Marshall Berman books...

[] Pablo Canano