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Wed, 1 Nov 1995 08:42:38 EDT

AC>Dear sirs,
AC>Please forward me information on your organization. I am very much
AC>interested in possibly joining or receiving information.
AC>Thank you,

As my english is little rusty ... i can not participate as a
native speaker could ... But I hope my informations, somehow become
usefull for all... My reasearch is about Indian Setelments in Rio De
Janerio, on the last sentury. We had already look for some informations
on the municipal archive, and read some of travelers informations, as
Debret, Ribeyrolles, Agassis, luccock, and many others. We had already
made a map with the settelments, and a kind of etno-graphic list of the
travelers. I can send our project, to you, but it is written on
portuguese, but anyway ... If you really want send me a reply.

[] Pablo Canano