Re: Fox's right to anthro-l

Eric Karl Chambers (9489547@NESSIE.CC.WWU.EDU)
Sat, 26 Nov 1994 14:13:45 -0800

Well said, Bonnie. I have subscibed to the list for a couple of months
now and have, for the most part, been interested in the threads.
However, the name calling and flames seem to me juvinile at best.
Friendly disagreement is healthy but please let's keep it at that.

On Wed, 23 Nov 1994, Bonnie Blackwell, Dept of Geology, (718) 997-3332 wrote:
> I, however, do take great exception to many inflamatory and often
> libelous posts made by people about others on this list. I do think
> that this sort of trash should be allowed. If you cannot agree with someone
> (and no one suggests you should), then state your opposition as a scholar
> should - calmly, logically, and as a "gentle person" should, politely.
> People who "flame" others just make themselves look like fools.
> And to misquote some famous person, "Why should [we} countenance fools?"
> b