Liza Feldman (LF7256@ALBANY.ALBANY.EDU)
Sat, 19 Nov 1994 14:02:53 EST

I am doing research on the life and work of a folk artist. I am looking at
how her artwork functions as a reflection of her life, and serves to
critique her role as a homemaker. This artist is in her 50s, lives on Long
Island, New York (one of the "five towns"), has been a housewife since the
age of nineteen, and has raised four children. Her husband earns enough
to allow her to stay home and create paintings and tilework without being
paid. Most of her work is part of her home (for example, she has painted a
bathroom to look like a library) and therefore not publicly displayed. She grew
up in, and has always been part of, a "traditional household." Through a
character in a series of paintings she can vicariously achieve goals from
which she has been excluded, but are available to her daughters. I have already
read Jo Radner's text on coding. I am seeking related references and
suggestions. Please respond privately to
Thanks in advance.

Liza Feldman
Anthropology Department
University at Albany, NY 12222