1st Call: Northeastern Anthro Assoc congress

Sat, 19 Nov 1994 13:35:07 -0500

The following is the first call for those who wish to participate in
the 35th Annual Meeting of the Northeastern Anthropological Association (NEAA).
The NEAA is a large regionally based association, uniting anthropologists of
all varieties, as well as kindred spirits. The meetings are professionally
run, but informal. Student participation is *highly* valued --whether as
observers or (preferably) as presenters of papers and/or organizers of
symposia. Inter-(sub)disciplinary efforts are encouraged. For more about
the meetings, read on!!
-Ken Jacobs
Anthropologie & Pres.-Elect NEAA (whence my bias!)
U de Montreal

Forwarded message:
> From omohunjt@potsdam.edu Thu Nov 17 09:59:44 1994
> Northeastern Anthropological Association Meeting in Lake Placid, April 2-5, =
> 1995
> The 1995 meeting of the Northeastern Anthropological Association will
> celebrate the Association's 35th anniversary in a convivial and scenic
> location, the Lake Placid Holiday Inn Sportspree, amidst the High Peaks of
> the Adirondacks. As last year, the NEAA meetings will be held in
> conjunction with the Undergraduate Anthropology meetings. Therefore,
> undergraduate students should be encouraged to attend and participate as
> well.
> The conference will provide housing and all accommodations in a single
> facility and at low cost, thus assuring that the participants will have the
> maximum opportunity to meet and talk, and that faculty, graduate and
> undergraduate students can afford to attend.
> The 1995 meetings are co-hosted by six northern institutions: SUNY Potsdam,
> SUNY Plattsburgh, St. Lawrence University, Clarkson University, SUNY
> Canton, and North Country Community College. The first four co-hosted the
> successful 1985 meetings in Lake Placid.
> The meetings will begin on Sunday evening with the first of several special
> events: an careers advice panel discussion aimed at undergraduates and
> their advisors. Monday evening features an Adirondack theme banquet
> followed by the keynote address. This year's address will be by two
> cultural anthropologists, Frederick Errington (Trinity College) and Deborah
> Gewertz (Amherst College), in a presentation entitled, "Toward an
> Ethnographically Grounded Study of Modernity in Papua-New Guinea."
> Scheduled for Tuesday noon is the Presidential Luncheon followed by the
> Presidential Lecture. Archaeologist and NEAA President Barbara Calogero
> will deliver a talk entitled, "How Do We Squeeze the Venus of Willendorf
> into Our Hunter-Gatherer Models?"
> Later, Tuesday afternoon's business meeting takes up the crucial
> question--much reported in recent issues of this column-- of whether or not
> to become an independent tax-exempt organization.
> The business meeting will be followed by a wine tasting workshop. After the
> workshop we present a special plenary panel session on "Multiculturalism on
> Campus: Is Anthropology in the Game?" A well-stocked book exhibit and
> continuous film viewings will complement the week's program.
> The organizers invite panels, workshops, programs, symposia, discussion
> groups, caucuses, papers and poster sessions on a variety of topics from
> any of the four subdisciplines of anthropology. Session, paper or poster
> session abstracts up to 150 words in length, with titles, accompanied by
> several terms specifying major topics dealt with (to assist the program
> organizers) must be received by February 15, with any needs for
> audio-visual equipment noted. Posters shall be no larger than 4 feet by 4
> feet. All proposers must pre-register.
> =46urther information on organized sessions and volunteered presentations ca=
> n
> be obtained from Dr. James Armstrong, Program Chair, Department of
> Anthropology, SUNY College at Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, New York 12901,
> Phone: (518) 564-3003, E-Mail: armstrjd@splava.cc.plattsburgh.edu.
> A required information form to accompany proposals is attached to the Call
> for Papers mailed to NEAA members and many others in November; additional
> copies of that form are available from Steven Marqusee, Chair, Department
> of Anthropology, SUNY College at Potsdam, Potsdam, New York 13676, Phone:
> (315) 267-2049, E-Mail: marqussj@potsdam.edu.
> The organizers this year are especially eager to encourage student
> participation, and we invite students to propose papers and panels.
> Special sessions devoted to student contributions, in conjunction with the
> Undergraduate Anthropology meetings, are planned.
> The annual NEAA student paper prize competition is also concluded at this
> time. The competition offers a $200 prize to papers selected by members of
> the NEAA executive committee. The competition has categories for both
> undergraduate and graduate authors. Authors need not be NEAA members nor
> attend the meetings to be eligible. In addition to receiving the cash prize,
> winning papers will also be published as abstracts in this column of the
> Anthropology Newsletter.
> Submissions for the student paper prize in grad or undergrad categories
> must be from students currently in that category. Two copies of the paper
> must be received by February 15, 1995 by John Omohundro, Anthropology, SUNY
> Potsdam, Potsdam NY 13676; internet: omohunjt@potsdam.edu. Attach a cover
> sheet with author's name, affiliation, mailing address, and student
> category.
> Advanced registration fees have been set at $20 for professionals and $10
> for students and unemployed professionals. Registration at the conference
> will be $25 for professionals and $15 for students and unemployed
> professionals. Advanced Registration fees must accompany proposals for
> presentations.
> =46urther information about registration can be obtained from Dr. Steven
> Marqusee, Chair, Department of Anthropology, SUNY College at Potsdam,
> Potsdam, New York 13676, Phone: (315) 267-2049, E-Mail:
> marqussj@potsdam.edu.
> The conference organizers have selected the Holiday Inn SunSpree Resort,
> Lake Placid, New York, as the host hotel for the 35th Northeastern
> Anthropological Association Meetings. The hotel overlooks Mirror Lake and
> the Adirondack Mountains. Room rates on a per room, per night basis are as
> follows:
> SINGLE: $ 49.00 $ 98.00
> DOUBLE: $ 49.00 $ 98.00
> TRIPLE: $ 59.00 $108.00
> QUAD: $ 69.00 $118.00
> TAX: 7% additional, unless exempt
> In other words, two people can share a room with two double beds for about
> $25 each per night. All guest rooms will have a refrigerator, microwave
> oven and coffee maker. The hotel facilities include an indoor pool, sauna,
> Jacuzzi, and health club. Children 19 years and younger stay free in the
> guest rooms with one or two adults.
> To encourage registrants to bring the whole family, the hotel will provide
> an activities coordinator for children, at no additional cost, who will
> customize a daily program that includes activities such as cross country
> skiing, ice skating, tobogganing, snow sculptures, broom hockey, board
> games, water activities in the hotel's indoor pool, and videos.
> The hotel will also provide activities for adults who accompany you,
> including a cross country skiing clinic, water aerobics, walking around
> Mirror Lake, shopping on Main Street, and a visit to the U.S. Olympic
> Training Center and the new indoor refrigerated luge start track.
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