Re: Poor Thais Sell Daughters (fwd)

Schilmoeller Lane C (lcs926s@NIC.SMSU.EDU)
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 11:37:46 -0600

On Thu, 17 Nov 1994, Adrian Tanner wrote:

> The other aspect is placing external constraints on the sex-tourist trade,
> which I assume is the source of this problem

this was the topic of the show i mentioned and i have heard stories from
ex-military people that i know also. it disgusts me, thus the concern.

> I was recently in Australia, and there is a lot of discussion
> there on how those who go to Thailand for what would be considered
> a criminal activity in their own countries, particularly having sex with
> minors, might be held criminally responsible.

i really like that idea, but how could investigation be carried out?
wonder if the Aussie members of ANTHRO-L know anything about this? i
would think that this would be appropriate for those business and
military personnel who are excited about be in this foreign land for the
wrong reason...
thanks for responding,
lane schilmoeller