Re: Poor Thais Sell Daughters (fwd)

ray scupin (scupin@LC.LINDENWOOD.EDU)
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 11:15:17 -0600

Dear Adrian:

Aside from the sex tourism which has been pervasive in Thailand,
there is a large internal demand for prostitution. Traditionally,
young Thai males were expected to have relationships with
prostitutes. In areas such as Chiangmai, approximately 20% of the Thai male
population is HIV positive because of these practices.


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On Thu, 17 Nov 1994, Adrian Tanner wrote:

> On Wed, 16 Nov 1994, Schilmoeller Lane C wrote:
> [stuff deleted]
> > about a year ago. also, what kind of things has the UN said to the Thai
> > gov't on this matter? these are just a few questions, please fill me in.
> > lane schilmoeller
> >
> The other aspect is placing external constraints on the sex-tourist trade,
> which I assume is the source of this problem (or is there a large internal
> market?). I was recently in Australia, and there is a lot of discussion
> there on how those who go to Thailand for what would be considered
> a criminal activity in their own countries, particularly having sex with
> minors, might be held criminally responsible.
> Adrian Tanner, Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada