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InterPsych is a non-profit making, voluntary organization,
established on the Internet with the aim of promoting
international scholarly collaboration on inter-disciplinary
research and intervention efforts in the field of
psychopathology. The organization offers a variety of scholarly
electronic conferences via e-mail, and real time conferences.
Plans are underway for an electronically distributed journal.

InterPsych has over 7000 members throughout the world, including
many leading academics, research scientists, clinical
practitioners, and students. Our membership is drawn from
disciplines as diverse as anthropology, computer science,
neuroscience, pharmacology, philosophy, psychiatry, psychology,
and sociology.

InterPsych has two main aims:

1. To foster interdisciplinary debate and empirical collaboration
on all aspects of psychopathology. We believe that an
eclectic approach will produce refinements in the theory and
practice of psychiatry and clinical psychology.

2. To encourage and promote the use of the vast resources of the
Internet by both academics and clinical practitioners. The
Internet offers the possibility of rapid dissemination of
research findings, and ease in conducting discussions over
disciplinary and geographic boundaries.

To fulfill these aims INTERPSYCH has set up the following electronic
resources for its members:


Each of these is described in detail below:

The Interpsych Newsletter

The InterPsych Newsletter is a monthly publication distributed free
of charge to all InterPsych members. The newsletter's mission mirrors
that of the organization, fulfilling these goals by providing concise
and timely information relevant to InterPsych members. The newsletter
contains articles on current events in mental health, updates from the
organization and from the electronic conferences, new mental health
resources on the Internet, as well as listings of physical and
electronic conferences and employment opportunities from around the
world. You will receive this publication automatically when you join
any of InterPsych's scholarly electronic conferences.

For further information contact the Editor-in-Chief, Sean Sullivan

InterPsych's Scholarly Electronic Conferences

The motto of InterPsych is 'There is someone wiser than
any of us, and that is all of us.' InterPsych's electronic
conferences exist to provide a forum for scholarly and clinical
discussion of all aspects of psychopathology. Individuals doing
research, scholarship, or clinical work (or those who have an
interest) in the areas described below are invited to join these
e-mail conferences. Our hope is that these forums will be
entertaining and informative, and perhaps will be a breeding
ground for conceptual and theoretical innovation. When you elect
to join any of InterPsych's conferences, you will be sent an
introduction which elaborates further on the purposes of the
conference, lists files in the conference archives, and gives
instructions for participating in a conference.

To join a conference, send the following message (without a
subject heading) --
join conference-name your-first-name your-last-name
to the Internet address --

If your mailer automatically issues a signature block at the end
of your message, the above command should be followed by the
command --

Example of a command to Mailbase --
join attachment Jane Doe

Our Scholarly Electronic Conferences are:

This conference welcomes discussion on Bowlby-Ainsworth's theory
of attachment, from theoretical and philosophical issues, to
clinical or applied issues. The forum emphasizes socio-affective
and defensive processes, and unconscious representations.
Juan Carlos Garelli, M.D. <>
Dan Littauer <>

This conference promotes the exchange of ideas on matters
relevant to clinical psychology, and particularly to the practice
of clinical psychology.
Joseph Plaud, Ph.D. <>

This forum provides opportunity for the discussion of issues
related to the fields of Applied Psychophysiology, Medical
Psychology, and Biofeedback. The conference's primary purpose is
to allow professionals -- psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists,
social workers, and other medical personnel to share ideas about
clinical matters.
Arnon Rolnick, Ph.D. <>

The Child Psychiatry conference is devoted to the discussion of
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, including treatment issues,
psychopharmacology, inpatient/outpatient care plans, and
emergency child/adolescent psychiatry.
Amber Robey <>

This forum exists for scholarly discussion of research and
clinical issues related to mood disorders. Contributions which
integrate biological and psychological theories and practice are
particularly welcome. Topics include causation, correlates,
consequences, co-morbidity, treatment and prevention.
Thomas Joiner, Ph.D. <>

We encourage the broad discussion of all topics -- medical,
psychotherapeutic, social, legal -- that relate to the practice
of Emergency Psychiatry. We invite mental health professionals,
students, and users to contribute their research, clinical
wisdom, questions, and personal experiences.
Robert Buckley, M.D. <>

A forum for the scholarly and colleagial discussion of issues in
forensic psychiatry.
Bruce Harry, M.D. <>

Learned Helplessness and Explanatory Style was created to discuss
the latest research on animals and humans, biological substratum,
depression, anxiety, prevention, CAVE, politics, children,
personal control, health, battering, bereavement, PTSD, sex
differences, pessimism, work, and heritability.
Martin Seligman, Ph.D. <>

Interpsych-Admin [CLOSED]
A closed forum for those responsible for the administration of
InterPsych, including trustees, members of the board of directors
and advisory board, journal and newsletter editors and associate
editors, regional representatives, conference coordinators, and
other staff and volunteers. If you want to help develop
InterPsych send a note to --
outlining your experience.

All contributions relevant to Managed Behavioural Healthcare
are welcomed. This conference emphasizes the development of
multidisciplinary outpatient-based treatment provider groups.
Discussion topics include: best clinical practices, outcomes
research, insurance, case management, and informatics.
Greg Alter, Ph.D. <>

This conference deals with the psychological study of the arts,
especially literature and film. Most members of this conference
apply psychoanalysis, but some use cognitive science,
experimental psychology, or reader-response studies. We welcome
participation from individuals of any psychological orientation.
Professor Norman Holland <>

This conference is for discussion of current issues in
Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology and related fields. Topics might
include provision of mental health services, ethical issues,
professional development/training, the public image of Psychiatry
and Psychology, and the future of mental health services.
David DiLalla, Ph.D. <>
Robert Buckley, M.D. <>

Many research findings and viewpoints in psychiatry are
controversial, leaving a gulf between those pursuing radically
different approaches to mental illness. This forum acts as a
bridge between those taking a biomedical approach and those
taking a psychodynamic approach.
Charles Stinson, M.D. <>

This conference focuses on research and clinical issues related
to use of psychological tests (including traditional clinical
instruments and normal personality measures) in psychiatry and
clinical psychology.
David DiLalla, Ph.D. <>

This conference is intended for those who wish to cooperate in
the compilation of a resource guide to enable clinicians and
academics in the areas of psychiatry and abnormal psychology to
gain maximum benefit from the facilities available over the
Ben Goldhagen <>

This conference is designed to promote dialogue about
psychoanalysis in all its aspects including clinical practice,
psychoanalytic theory, education, organizational issues,
relations with other disciplines, and applications to the
humanities, social sciences and public policy.
Robert Galatzer-Levy, M.D. <>

The purpose of the Psychopharmacology conference is to provide
a forum for the professional discussion of all aspects of
clinical psychopharmacology. Clinical psychopharmacology is
broadly defined as the treatment individuals with psychiatric
disorders through the use of psychotropic medications. All
mental health professionals, and graduate students may subscribe
to the Psychopharmacology conference.
Ivan K. Goldberg, M.D. <>
To join send a message to LISTSERV@NETCOM.COM
subscribe psycho-pharm your_Internet_address
subscribe psycho-pharm

For discussions related to language and psychopathology.
Discussions could include: theories of language and their
relevance for the study of psychopathological speech, new
research and publications in the area, requests for help with
one's own research.
Eugenie Georgaca <>

Discussion of the delivery of mental health services to diverse
cultures. Topics may include, cultural differences in views
on mental disorders, culture-specific syndromes, collaboration
between Western and traditional healers, and cultural variance
in symptoms.
Kirk Zimbelman, Ph.D. <>

This conference promotes the investigation, assessment, and
treatment of the immediate and long-term psychosocial,
physiological, and existential consequences of highly stressful
(traumatic) events. Of special interest are efforts to identify a
cure of PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder).
Charles Figley, Ph.D. <>

This conference has been set up to encourage an exchange of
ideas, opinions, and information among persons concerned with the
delivery of mental health services to individuals in rural and bush
areas. The conference is intended for health care workers in all
types of settings.
Beth Hudnall Stamm, Ph.D. <>
To join send a message to
subscribe rural-care

Psychiatry-Superlist (Superlist)
If you subscribe to any of the above scholarly electronic
conferences, you will be added to the Psychiatry-Superlist. This
list is intended for contributions relevant to the entire
membership of InterPsych. Announcements or other offerings
should be addressed to --
Any offerings for the Superlist will be reviewed for relevance to
the general membership of InterPsych.

Real-time Conferences

InterPsych's PsyComNet conducts frequent real time conferences
on a variety of topics pertinent to psychopathology. Details of
the conferences, including a syllabus, are posted to the
superlist in advance of the event. Conference coordinators will
supply, on request, information on how to connect to Internet's
IRC conferencing facilities.

For further information contact Ivan Goldberg, M.D.

InterPsych Board Members

Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania (U.S.A.)

Aaron T. Beck, M.D.
Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy, and
University of Pennsylvania (U.S.A.)

Gregory S. Berns, M.D., Ph.D
University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (U.S.A.)

Michael C. Corballis, Ph.D.
University of Auckland (New Zealand)

David L. DiLalla, Ph.D.
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale (U.S.A.)

Charles Figley Ph.D.
Florida State University (U.S.A.)

Frank D. Fincham, Ph.D., FBPsS
University of Wales College of Cardiff (United Kingdom)

Juan Carlos Garelli, M.D.
Attachment Research Center (Argentina)

Ivan Goldberg, M.D.
New York Psychopharmacologic Institute
Columbia University (U.S.A.)

Stevan Harnad, Ph.D.
University of Southampton (United Kingdom)

Thomas Joiner, Ph.D.
University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (U.S.A.)

William D. Kearns, Ph.D.
Florida Mental Health Institute (U.S.A.)

Les Posen, Ph.D.
The Australian Psychological Society (Australia)

Beth Hudnall Stamm, Ph.D
University of Alaska - Anchorage (U.S.A.)

Charles Stinson, M.D.
University of California - San Francisco (U.S.A.)

Digby Tantam, Ph.D.
University of Warwick (United Kingdom)

Edward Wakeman
University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

Edward A. Workman, Ed.D, M.D.
University of Virginia School of Medicine (U.S.A.)

Secretary to the Board

Ian Pitchford
University of Sheffield (United Kingdom)

Executive Director

Benjamin I. Goldhagen
New York
Compliled by Kirk Zimbelman, Ph.D.
South Dakota Human Services Center -- Yankton (U.S.A.)
Mr Ian Pitchford
Department of Biomedical Science
University of Sheffield
Western Bank
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 742 780319