mid-evil funnies

Tue, 8 Nov 1994 22:13:56 EST

social construction of our categories and our own vested interest in
maintaining some of those categories. [And special thanks to Maddog for
making me laugh at the end of a long day!]
But I want to raise another question: was the intent of the orig-
inal *levity* poster really to establish a category *STUPID* that everyone
on Anthro-L could both recognize and feel superior to? Not to mention the
intents of all the contributors to the levity thread....
I don't think most university teachers think their students are
*stupid* but rather these students are uninformed, educable [they better
be--or else a lot of us will be out of jobs], and perhaps ill-served by
their prior education. Didn't Dan Foss or anybody else on Anthro-L ever
ask a naive question? Doesn't learning progress by asking questions,
however outlandish or naive they may seem?
As Pogo once said---We have met the undergraduates and they are us.
[or something like that.....]
Denise O'Brien