Re: mid-evil funnies [cont'd]

Maddog (Christopher.Morgan@JCU.EDU.AU)
Wed, 9 Nov 1994 12:29:54 +1000

Hahahahahahaha! Foss has once again, in his *singular* way, shown us up for
the rather elitist hypocrites that we are. I include myself here, of
course, since it never occurred to me, in the thick of the
Race/Intelligence=>levity brouhaha, that a principal subtext of the
discussion went something like this:

1. Rushton, an ethically moribund but definitely *smart* operator, sets the
racist cat amongst the ethically sound but also *smart* pigeons, thereby
getting heaps of publicity for his execrable book, & probably raking in
lots of $$ as well.

2. The *smart* pigeons respond (predictably), by employing various devices
including (amongst others) political correctness and scientific method -
devices which do not feature prominently on the *stupid* end of Foss's
discourse dichotomy.

3. A *smart* representative of the subjects of the discourse, i.e. Hicks,
gets understandably fed up with the tenor of the debate & lets fly with
some of the most honest & impassioned posts I've read on this list. The
dominant pigeons respond with much harumphing and tut-tutting. Rushton
keeps stirring the pot (& raking in the bucks).

4. The attention span of some pigeons is exhausted, so they start
exchanging vignettes about the *stupidity* of those whom they teach. Race
is carefully avoided & Sherwin (an annoyingly undocile body) lets a few
more fly, before resuming respectful humility.

5. I've enjoyed (& participated in, slightly) the show - only to be shown
up (with everybody else) by Danny Boy. ;-)

> Suppose that you, plural, were making fun, using identical materials,
>of organisms identified as belonging to official-PC victim categories: racial
>minorities, women, blue-collars.
> Everyone on this list has a vested interest in the Smartness-Stupidity
>social construction; the Stupid are presumed elsewhere.
> Yet why should Smart-Stupid be any more real than white and black? Male
>and female? It would be the *first time*, wouldn't it? If the default hypothe-
>sis for all Decent People is, there is *no difference* between black and white,
>*no difference* between male and female, then the default hypothesis should
>be, there is *no difference* between those called Smart and those called
>Stupid; As the Ancestor said, "all organisms are created equal."
[big snip]

As stated before, hahahahahahahahaha...... Have a nice election.
Bow Wow,

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