Re: ethnographies

Audrey Wright (awright@SEACCD.CTC.EDU)
Sun, 6 Nov 1994 17:45:03 -0800

Perhaps one could be part of the production, but not necessary an actor.
What about one of the people who help set up the scenary? part of the
clean up crew? assistant director? person who hands out programs?
Just a thought.


On Sun, 6 Nov 1994, Tom Riley wrote:

> Now, if you are going to do an ethnography of a play, don't you have to be
> an actor who is in the play at the same time that you are trying to make
> some sense of the play, bith understanding it -in the sense of verstehen-
> and analyzing it? How can a spectator who is not participating do an
> ethnography- by definition?