Re: Pig Wars

Tom Riley (triley@VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU)
Tue, 1 Nov 1994 17:12:00 +0000

>"War Pigs" by Black Sabbath
>Generals gathered in their masses
>Just like witches at black masses
>Evil minds that plot destruction
>Socerors of Death's construction
>In the fields the body's burning
>As the War Machine keeps turning
>Death and hatred towards mankind
>Poisening their brainwashed minds
>Oh Lord ya
>Politicians hide themselves away
>They only started the war
>Why should they go out to fight?
>They leave that all to the poor
>Time will tell them they are power mad
>Making war just for fun
>Treating people just like boards of chess
>Wait until the Judgement Day has come
>Now in darkness world stops turning
>Ashes where the bodies burning
>No more War Pigs have the power
>Hand of God has struck the hour
>Day of Judgement God is calling
>On their knees the War Pigs crawling
>Begging mercy for their sins
>Satan laughing spreads his wings
>Oh Lord yea.
>Osborne, Iommi, Butler, Ward. Copyright 1969.



Thomas J. Riley
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign