Tue, 1 Nov 1994 15:59:47 EST

I've kept a file of student "gems" from papers, too.
These then are from history of art and world religions
courses, plus anthropology of religion...enjoy!

Women have never ultimately been treated to men.

All four angles were standing straight and carrying swords.

This is not surprising as the woman's pregnant belly is
projected inwards.

re Islam and Judaism: They both believe in the same god
and the same profit...

Every Jewish experience is a conviction of Yhwh.

Basically, for Evangelicals, their historical belief was that
God is immoral and that time is destined to end sometime in
in the future.

The priests would find nuns with enough workable knowledge
to teach the boys of the community.

With the eruption of WWI, schools started shooting up.

I believe there is no colour anywhere else in the world that
compares to the ones in Canada.
(I am still puzzling over that one but maybe the next is
related..? This happened in a very large lecture for
which I was the grader.

On the Malay peninsula there is a vast range from primitive
little black wooly-headed, head-hunting nomads to a civilised
state such as we would be familiar with here in Canada.

(The story gets better. The student was called in for a
conference re the above paper. Surprise. He was foreign
student from Ghana, and maintained the paper was his, until
he was shown the first page with the above sentence. Yep.
Seems he'd never read the paper. Seems he got it from
one of his "friends," gave it to someone else to retype,
and submitted it,still unread, under his own name. Never
did find out the original source of the paper, but the same
paper, the exact same paper, had shown up the year before
in that very same class and I'd marked it "racist" and
handed it back to the prof in charge for further disposition.)


Death was seen as the great equivocator.

Hope this helps, and thank you again Mike, Dwight, Marius, John S.,
Kenneth for your help re entropy and chaos. That class meets
tomorrow, and I am feeling lots more directed. The anthro list
is good stuff!

best wishes,
Maureen Korp, Ph.D.
University of Ottawa

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