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Request for Nominations, Fryxell Award for Interdisciplinary
Research, 1994: Physical Sciences

The Fryxell Committee bestows special recognition of
interdisciplinary excellence by a distinguished scientist, who
need not be an archaeologist, but whose research has contributed
significantly to American archaeology. The award was made
possible through the generosity of the family of Dr. Roald
Fryxell, a geologist whose promising career in geoarchaeological
research was ended by his premature death.

The award cycles through five categories: Earth Sciences,
Physical Sciences, General, Zoological Sciences, and Botanical
Sciences. It consists of an engraved medal, a certificate, an
award citation read by the President of the SAA at the annual
business meeting, and announcements in American Antiquity and the
SAA Bulletin. In addition, the Fryxell Symposium is organized for
the SAA meetings. The symposium topic follows the same cycle as
the award category itself.

The award category for 1994, Physical Sciences, focuses on
contributions of physical studies to archaeology. This research
includes elemental analyses and other chemical procedures,
archaeometry, and many chronometric techniques. The previous
recipient of the Physical Sciences award was Joseph Lambert, for
his contributions to paleodietary studies using trace element
analysis of human bones.

Nominations should describe the nature, scope, and significance
of the nominee's contributions to American archaeology. A recent
curriculum vitae should be included for each nominee. The
nomination deadline is November 30, 1993. Nominations for the
award can be sent to the current Fryxell Committee Chair: Dr.
Stanley H. Ambrose, Department of Anthropology, University of
Illinois, 109 Davenport Hall, 607 S. Mathews Ave., Urbana,
Illinois 61801; e-mail:; FAX: (207)
244-3490; telephone (office/lab): (271) 244-3504.

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