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Tue, 9 Nov 1993 21:48:23 EST

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I am doing preliminary work in setting up a List for the American
Association of Bovine Practitioners (i.e. cow vets). I've sampled
Anthro-L primarily because my mother is working on an Anthro thesis.

Anthro-L does one thing much better than some other Lists: transfer
the message senders name to MCI Mail messages. Other lists often
show the list name rather than the original senders name. I have no
idea why this is, and MCI hasn't been much help. Do you know the
reason? What server software are you using?

** This occurs because I have set the header option "reply_to:"
to "sender" and not "list". Mailservers use this info when they
process your local mail; i.e. it becomes the return address.
Hugh **

You may want to recommend MCI Mail for people who want to subscribe
to something like Anthro-L but who don't have full Internet access.
An account costs $35 per year with NO additional charges to receive
mail (by toll-free phone). I recommend their MCI Mail Express
front-end software too, which costs another $35.

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