LA fires

Wed, 3 Nov 1993 11:27:00 PST

the smoke from the Malibu area fire almost all the way home last night and
this morning. News coverage is probably filling everyone in as much as we
know with the exception of the people who live (used to live) in the immediate
area. I just drove into UCLA a few minutes ago (11:00 am). The whole scene
is very bizarre, for lack of a better word. There is about a 1/4" of soot
on everybody's car on the upper open deck of my parking garage. It looks
like a light "snow" coming down. Ironically, it's about 90 degrees down
here, with a large smoke cloud blowing in to bissect otherwise bright blue
Last report I heard was the fire was stopped from spreading to Pacific
Palisades to the east but was still uncontained.

Donna Winham
UCLA School of Public Health