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Douglas B. Hanson (dhanson@OSTEON.WIN.NET)
Tue, 2 Nov 1993 22:39:31 LCL

This one is for Daniel Foss. ;-)

From: hawks@rintintin.Colorado.EDU (andy)
Date: 29 Oct 93
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This post is being posted to an almost entirely random selection of
Usenet groups for the purposes of attracting random people to the
e-mail list mentioned below. i apologize if you see this more than a
few times, but, simply put, there's no better way to accomplish this
task publicly on the Internet. Flames to /dev/null.

Feel free to retransmit this document, in its entirety, anywhere
within the boundaries of the Internet.

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| || | | || |_____ / ____ \
| || | | || ____ \\ ____/
\| \| \||_______/ \______\

a new concept in virtual communities.

>From it's inception, cyberspace has promoted communities based on
mutual interest. You certainly don't need to look very far across the
Internet to see communities formulated "For the purpose of...".

Suppose the slate is wiped clean. Suppose, in real life, a continent
rises from the depths of Pacific waters to welcome people of all
races, creeds, beliefs, to express whatever they wish.

The continent may prove itself spectacular or may reach a fiery death,
but at the least it would be interesting to see what happens.

With that in mind, I bring you tribe. tribe is an e-mail list on the
Internet with no specific purpose, and anyone is welcome to join to
discuss anything they wish.

If you are interested in tribe, please send mail to:

with a message body containing:

info tribe

Join the tribe.



andy hawks, university of colorado at boulder