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I was waiting to see if anyone else would post this. There IS a
paper guide to applied anthropology programs - it is my #1
resource in advising undergrads abou the possibilities:

I only have the now-dated third edition:

Stanley Hyland & Sean Kirkpatrick (eds.)

Guide to Training Programs in the Applications of Anthropology.
Society for Applied Anthropology, 1989

The SfAA business office has copies for sale:

405 843-5113

P.O. Box 24083, Oklahoma City, OK 73124

I also send students to the library to read all the back issues
of Practicing Anthropology, which costs $14.00 a year and is well worth
it for career advising.

Many undergrads would like to get a year of experience in the field in
some kind of applied position before they move on to graduate school.
A wonderful resources for these students is Medea Benjamin's
"The Peace Corps and More: 114 ways to work, study and travel in the
third world."

Send $6.95 to Global Exchange, 2141 Missions St. #202, San Francisco 94110.
While you are at it, you can join Global Exchange for another $15
and get an excellent newsletter on a program intended to bring
people from the US & people from poorer countries together for mutual
understanding, including their famous "Reality Tours."

Rick Wilk