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Frank Dubinskas
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Date: 01 Nov 1993 11:58:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Frank Dubinskas

I am sad to report on behalf of our department here at Boston College
the passing of our friend and former colleague, Frank Dubinskas, on
October 25, 1993, at his home in St. Paul, Minnesota, from cancer.
Frank received his degrees in Anthropology from Yale and Stanford
and worked as a visiting scholar and research associate at MIT and Harvard
before serving on our faculty from 1987-1992. At the time of his death,
Frank was the Howard W. Alkire Chair in International Business and
Economics, Associate Professor of Anthropology, and Director of
International Studies at Hamline University.
Frank was working on a program at Hamline to allow International
Studies students to travel abroad. Hamline, from all accounts, treated
Frank wonderfully during the last difficult year. Any contributions
people would like to make in Frank's memory should be sent to Hamline's
scholarship fund for international studies.
Frank will be missed by his many colleagues with whom he generously
shared a lively and engaging intellect, a marvelous singing voice, and a
wonderful sense of humor. -- Doug Orton