Re: Anthropology in Europe

Daniel Sturm (daniel.sturm@STUDENT.UNI-TUEBINGEN.DE)
Fri, 31 May 1996 17:42:09 +0200

Dear Justin,
I have been living in Tuebingen, Germany for the last few months
(improving my German), and have gotten to know a number of students who
study some form of anthropology at the University of Tuebingen. There is
"Empirischekulturwissenschaft," which is similar to Folklore studies.
Then there is the basic, "Kulturwissenschaft," which equals the broader
topic of anthropology and anthropological theory. There is also,
"Ethnologie," which, like the other topics, is a separate major. U. of
Tuebingen has a very good "Religionswissenschaft," institute and program
- which is reserved solely for the anthropology of religion. A special
bonus of the Religionswissenschaft Dept. is that it is small, and
professors are not that hard to reach - something that is normally almost
impossible here.
Hmmm, what else? A student at the university here, has the option of
choosing one "Hauptfach," or major, and then a few "Nebenfachs," or
minors... This, in my opinion, must be necessary, since what is simply,
"anthropology," in America is about 5+ different subjects over here.
The problem, I believe, comes when one wants to integrate anthropology
with another subject, such as economics...Political-economic anthropology
would be something difficult to study in Germany. This is somehow
ironic, since German philosophy/social theory, such as the Frankfurt
School, is thoroughly interdisciplinary.

Good luck,
Angela Jancius

P.S. - the city of Tuebingen is a beautiful place to live, in case that
makes a difference.

On Fri, 24 May 1996, justin Oliver wrote:

> I'm trying to find information on anthropology programs and
> professors in Germany (or Austria or Switzerland, I suppose). I'm
> applying for a Fulbright scholarship for 1997-98 to a German-speaking
> country, but unfortunately I know very little of the programs in Europe,
> and I'd like to contact anthropologists there to see what I might be
> getting myself into.
> I know that at most universities in Germany, anthropology as we
> know it doesn't exist--it falls under the realm of "Volkskunde" or is
> included in some other social science, so perhaps my search will be more
> complicated than I think. Any suggestions?