Diaz & Sacrifice

Fri, 31 May 1996 07:35:44 -0700

John and Mike,

There are several references in the chronicles of Bernal Diaz del Castillo to
human sacrifice. The translated version of the chronicles that I have before
me is by Albert Idell, published in 1956. I consider this a good translation.
Many of Diaz del Castillo's statements do not make clear whether he was
eyewitness or just reporting hearsay. One passage, however, that occurs on p.
86 of the Idell translation seems to be an unequivocal eyewitness account.

"Every day we had seen four or five Indians sacrificed, their hearts
offered to the idols and their blood plastered on the walls. The feet, arms
and legs of the victims were cut off and eaten like beef from the butchers'."

Is this what you were looking for?

Phil Young
U. of Oregon