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Michael Cahill (MCBlueline@AOL.COM)
Fri, 17 May 1996 11:52:17 -0400

In a message dated 96-05-16 22:37:01 EDT, geiger@PEGASUS.CC.UCF.EDU (Vance
Geiger) writes:

>At E-REA we'll check them out for you! We'll get the information
>you need to make a truly informed decision before you buy, before
>you committ to living with these people.
>We'll do a full ETHNOGRAPHIC analysis of you potential
>neighborhood and those neighbors. We'll get the low down:
>Full Demographics! Ages, genders, fertility, life expectancies
>based on full kinship and family disease heritability estimates.
>After all just how long do you want these people around?
>Pedigrees! Are we talking Blue-Bloods or Red-Necks? Straw-
>boaters or gimmee caps? You will want to know how to dress
>around the neighborhood. Includes full ethnic analysis back ten
>generations. Were they really on the Mayflower?
>Full criminal and credit checks! Whose been through bankruptcy?
>Who will buy fund-raising gee-gaws you're kids are going to have
>to sell.


This piece is really well done (ouch!). It's also sobering, the kind of
message that any kind of applied science needs to hear on a regular basis.
What you describe is exactly the kind of trap that applied anthropology
should avoid.

But, hey, Vance. Take it easy will ya!

>E-REA is dedicated to
>providing... employment for PhD
>anthrpologists who cannot find work in academia. GET INFORMED
>and help keep a PhD off of welfare!

Two things: Some unkind wags out there in the "grind" claim that academic
work IS welfare for PhD's (imagine that!). Also, anthropologists currently
on, or heading for, public assistance please take note: there's a great book
waiting to be written about welfare from a true "insider's" point of view --
one that policy (and academia) dearly need to read.

Mike Cahill