Hatfield Amendment Approved!

Douglas B Hanson (dhanson@WORLD.STD.COM)
Thu, 25 May 1995 10:39:40 -0400

NIH received a resounding endorsement in the Senate on Wednesday when
lawmakers approved, 85-14, an ammendment intended to fend off a proposed
10% cut in NIH funding. If appropriations follow the budget scenario
outlined in Hatfield's amendment, instead of losing $7.9 billion over seven
years, NIH would lose $900 million over the same period. Applied equally to
each annual appropriation, NIH would receive about $11.19 billion next year
and for each year through 2002, compared to his year's appropriation of
about $11.32 billion.

I don't know how NSF Behavioral Sciences fared or if a final decision has
been made regarding the NSF budget. Can anyone fill us in on NSF?

-- Doug Hanson