Draft Conf Program: Gender and Sexuality in Modern Thailand

Nerida Cook (N.Cook@SOCIOL.UTAS.EDU.AU)
Thu, 25 May 1995 16:54:40 +1000

>To:Draft Conference Program
>(Subject to Alteration)
>Gender and Sexuality in Modern Thailand
>Manning Clark Centre, ANU
>Tuesday 11 July
>8.30am - 9.00am Registration: Foyer, Manning Clark Centre (Adjacent to Union)
>9.00am-9.30am Conference Opening: Welcome and opening remarks.
>9.30am-10.45am Concurrent Panels
> 1. Surveys of Sexual Behaviours and Attitudes
>Chris Beyrer: The Mix of Sex Partners of Northern Thai Men Who Have Sex with
>Philip Guest and Varachai Thongthai: Thai Sexual Attitudes and Behaviour:
>Results from a Recent National Survey
>Amara Soonthornthada: Understanding Adolescent Sexuality by the Discourses
>Approach: A Case of Urban Youth in Thailand
> 2. Cultural Representations of Gender and Sexuality
>Dundi Mitchell: Staging Seduction: Sexuality and Gender Relations in Likay, A
>Popular Thai Theatre Genre
>Rachel Harrison: Sexuality, Identity and Gender in the Short Stories of
>Ara Wilson: Romance in the Malls
>10.45am-11.05am Morning Tea
>11.05am-12.45pm Marital Behaviours and Attitudes
>Tony Pramualratana: Social Dynamics of Condom Use in Marital Relationships in
>Chanpen Saengtienchai: Women's Views on Extramarital Sex of Thai Married Men
>Kanchana Tangchonlatip: Sexual Expectations of Thai Married Couples
>Chris Lyttleton: Patterns of Pre-marital Relationships in Rural Isan
>12.45pm-2.00pm Lunch
>2.00pm-4.05pm Constituting Femininities
>Andrea Whittaker: The Construction of Femininity in a Northeastern Thai
>Bruce Missingham: Women in Development: Issues from Development in Practice
>in Northeast Thailand
>Pam DaGrossa: Gender and Sexuality Among University Students in Mahasarakham,
>Jiemin Bao: Men's Privilege and Women's Power: Constructions of Sexuality and
>Ethnicity Among Second Generation Chinese in Bangkok
>Matthana Chetamee: Concepts of the Family and Lesbian Lifestyles in Thailand
>4.05pm - 4.30 pm Afternoon Tea
>4.00pm - 5.00 pm Keynote Address
>Penny Van Esterik: Repositioning Gender and Power in Thai Studies
>7.30 pm Conference Dinner: Lemon Grass Thai Restaurant, 71 London
>Circuit, City
> Wednesday 12 July
>9.00am-10.40 am Constituting Masculinities
>Alison Brody: Problematising Thai Masculinity, with Special Reference to
>Prostitution in Thailand
>Graham Fordham: The Ritual Constitution of Maleness Amongst the Northern Thai
>Peter Jackson: Kathoeys: A Preliminary History of Thailand's Third Gender
>Jan Willem de Lind van Wijngaarden: The Variety of Homosexual Experience: A
>Field Report from Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand
>10.40am-11.00 am Morning Tea
>11.00am- 12.15 pm Engendering the Nation
>Craig Reynolds: Gendering of the Self in Nationalist and Post-Nationalist
>Nikki Tannenbaum: Buddhism, Prostitution and Sex: Limits on the Academic
>Discourse on Gender in Thailand
>Ryan Bishop: Night Market: Thailand in Post-colonial Sexual Cartographies
>12.15 pm - 1.30 pm Lunch
>1.30 pm - 2.45 pm Sex Trading
>Kathrine Johansen: Child Prostitution in Thailand
>Kritaya Archavanitkul and Varaporn Chamsanit: Trafficking in Girls and Women
>and the Expansion of the Sex Trade in Thailand
>Andrew Walker: Borderline Sex: Notes from the Mekhong
>2.45 pm - 3.10pm Afternoon Tea
>3.10pm - 4.50pm Practices and Policies
>Wichada Sukantarat: AIDS: A Challenge to Survival in the 21st Century
>Prue Borthwick: Developing Culturally Appropriate HIV/AIDS Education Programs
>in Northern Thailand
>Jenny Gray: Living with HIV in the Hill Tribe Context
>Ann Hale: Rethinking Thai Social Structure: Implications for AIDS Prevention
>4.50pm-5.10pm Conference Close: Final Discussion
>This Conference is sponsored by:
>National Thai Studies Centre;
>Division of Pacific and Asian History; and
>Faculty of Asian Studies.
>From:N.Cook@sociol.utas.edu.au (Nerida Cook)
To Register for this Conference:
Gender and Sexuality
in Modern Thailand

11-12 July 1995
Manning Clark Centre
Australian National University, Canberra

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The Conference will provide an opportunity for researchers working across
the range of academic disciplines to discuss issues of common interest in
the study of gender and sexuality in Thailand, and promote
interdisciplinary research in these fields by encouraging cooperation
between scholars from Australia, North America, Europe and Thailand.

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Paper abstracts will be available upon arrival at the conference venue.

Conference Venue
The Conference will be held in the Manning Clark Centre, adjacent to the
ANU Union. Registration will be from 8.30 am on Tuesday 11 July 1995 in
the foyer of the Manning Clark Centre, with proceedings commencing at 9.00

Conference Sponsorship
This Conference is being supported by the National Thai Studies Centre, the
Division of Pacific and Asian History and the Faculty of Asian Studies,

Gender and Sexuality in Modern Thailand
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