Intra-Cultural Variability

Tue, 9 May 1995 09:07:35 CDT

A possible source for S. Yusim's impression that variation within
culture exceeds that between cultures is Bert Kaplan's 1955 monograph,
*A Study of Rorschach Responses in Four Cultures* (Cambridge: Peabody
Museum of Harvard University Papers 42(2)). On the basis of Rorschach
analysis of Zuni, Navajo, Mormon, and Spanish-American subjects, Kaplan
concluded that "A very high degree of overlap among the groups is
present, and this, coupled with the small size of the differences that
do appear, indicates the variability of individuals in any one culture
is greater than the variability between cultures" (p. 18). Note that
this refers not to the variability of cultures per se, but of
personalities found in social groups bearing subcultures. --Bob Graber