Re: Database of ethno literature

Greg Finnegan (finnegan@HUSC.HARVARD.EDU)
Mon, 8 May 1995 09:41:54 -0500

on 5/5/95, Solomon Yusim asked if
>=8Athere a searchable database of
>ethnographic literature? Anything alike MedSearch or PsychLit?=
If so, what
>is it called and how to access it?

The major index to the journal, conference proceedings, and
articles-in-collections of anthropology is ANTHROPOLOGICAL LITERATURE,
produced here at Tozzer Library. AL indexes over 800 journals. =
It is
available in three formats electronically: as a passworded database=
Harvard's online catalog, as a "Citadel" service file on the RLIN=
bibliographic utility, and as a CD-ROM from GK Hall/Macmillan. The=
two formats are available on a subscription basis (RLIN) or purchase=
standing order (GK Hall); The Research Libraries Group (vendors of=
may be reached at 1-800-537-7546 from the USA and Canada, and GK=
Hall can
be contacted at 1-800-257-5755. The Harvard OPAC is available only=
to the
Harvard community. There is also a quarterly printed version, available=
many libraries and by subscription from Tozzer.

At present, the database includes some 93,000 citations, from 1983=
We are in the process of converting some 200,000 additional records=
the late 1800's to 1983, so that we'll have the entire journal literature
of organized anthropology available in electronic form. The database
consists of citations with Tozzer subject headings (until 1986) and=
of Congress subject headings thereafter; there are no abstracts.=
We will
also be adding obituaries and book reviews, but these are not yet=
in the
database. =20

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