Re: randomness

Tue, 24 May 1994 19:23:29 CDT

Carter Pate makes a very good point in this observation.

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Tom Riley:
Nice post, untilI got to the last sentence, which din't seem to
follow the rest as I understood it.
Suppose Graber is right about the coin toss. Who of us can afford to
measure and calculate the resultant of all variables in each vortex we face?
And if each horn of the dilemma is equal to the other when there are two
ent road to follow, randomization may be an expeditious strategy. Don't we
an idea of "choice" to push us to go ahead and flip that coin? And when do we
decide that Sign. = .05, or .01 or .001 is enough information to go ahead and
I feel choice is a real phenomenon is everyday behavior. Graber seems
to define it beforehand as illusion, rather than examine it as a rather weak
and frequently illusory phenomenon worth investigating.