Body Decoration

Tue, 24 May 1994 23:12:00 +1900

I know of several books on tattooing in America and elsewhere. There are two
books called "the Japanese Tattoo", one by Sandi Feldman and one by Ian Ritchie.
There are five magazines called Tattoo Times edited by American tattoo artist
Don Ed Hardy. The book by Clinton Sanders is called "Customizing the Body".
There is a book that chronicles tattooing in the States in the 50s called "Bad
Boys and Tough Tattoos" by Samuel Steward a.k.a. Phil Sparrow. There is a book
that tells you how to go about getting a tattoo called The Tattoo Buyer's Guide
by Paul Schwartz and the ReSearch book called Modern Primitives. All these
books are availabe through Alter Ego Press, PO Box 69, Beebe Plain VT, 05823