Getting Cut from Anthro-l

Wed, 18 May 1994 19:27:35 EDT

Hi, all. It is the end of the semester. As usual, at this time, I have
to deal with a number of problem subscriptions. Mostly this is the
result of people leaving for the summer, or leaving school, and not
closing their subscriptions. As their directories become overfull, or
as their accounts are finally terminated, mail begins to bounce. After
a certain limit, the listserver automatically terminates their
subscription. For some accounts, the number of error messages I receive
piles up high enough that I take action manually. In the process, a few
current subscriptions get killed. I apologise for this, but I can not
afford to wait very long before taking action. One bad subscription,
on a quiet day, can produce a dozen error messages. On a busy day, that
can go up exponentially. For all delivery errors that clearly do not
involve an account being terminated at the user's end, I forward a copy
of the error message to the subscriber and their postmaster so action
can be taken. Sometimes, however, the problem occurs due to a faulty
gateway, or a temporary error somewhere along the line. This problem
may only be of short duration, but I have no way of knowing. So, if
your subscription gets terminated "for no reason", please bear with me
simply drop me a line to tell me you are still around. I'll be happy
to hook you back up.
Hugh Jarvis

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