ANTHRO-L Digest - 15 May 1994 to 16 May 1994

Robert Ehrenreich (rehrenre@NAS.EDU)
Tue, 17 May 1994 08:04:21 EST

The National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and
Institute of Medicine are holding a public convocation on the responsible
conduct of science on Monday and Tuesday, June 6 & 7. The meeting will
explore current issues of concern to scientists, students, administrators,
and funders, as well as key steps that should be taken to ensure that the
highest standards of scientific conduct are maintained. Major themes will

- how scientists and institutions can best educate and communicate with
each other about scientific conduct, including a discussion of model
programs and an on-stage seminar,

- issues that scientists and students must deal with in the laboratory,
such as questionable research practices, and

- how allegations of misconduct are and should best be handled, and key
problems and issues in this area.

A poster and resource session is planned for Monday. Those interested in
bringing materials should call 202-334-2483. The convocation is free, but
space is limited. To register please fax your name, address, affiliation,
phone and fax numbers (202-334-1687). You may also email:


Replies received after May 27, 1994 will be difficult to process, so please
respond before if possible.