Re: Social Evolution

Tue, 17 May 1994 04:58:14 CDT

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I'm the historian from Portland, and I never meant to imply that progress was
being made. I
only meant that cultures change in a way that is analogous to the way biological
change, and tried to give some examples. I am sorry I picked examples which
might be seen as
change for the better or progress, but I deliberately chose the example of VCR's
because I
thought everyone knew Betas were actually superior to VHS.
Sorry if I misled people.

Nevertheless (apropos of cultural relativity) I reserve the right to think
(accepting my own
cultural bias) that some ways of living are preferable to others. Change is a
nice neutral word,
but in the end aren't we supposed to be doing more than ONLY describing and
explaining? I
mean, wouldn't it be nice to get some answers out of this whole enterprise? Or
am I hopelessly
(Not rhetorical questions).

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