Re: Length of fieldwork and witchcraft reports

Joseph P Gray (jpgray@CONVEX.CSD.UWM.EDU)
Fri, 13 May 1994 14:54:54 -0500

>I have heard it said that someone once did a study and found that
>the likelihood that an ethnographer would report the presence of
>witchcraft in a particular place went up with the length of time he
>or she spent there. Does anyone have any idea what the original
>source for this might be? Does anyone know of any other studies of
>this type, i.e., systematic comparisons of the effects of variations in
>fieldwork methods, styles, etc. on what is recorded?
>Lee Cronk

Some sources are:
Naroll, Raoul
1970 "Data quality control in cross-cultural surveys." In,
A Handbook of Method in Cultural Anthropology (R. Naroll,
R. Cohen eds.). Garden City, N.Y.: Natural History Press.
Pp. 927-945.

1962 Data Quality Control: A New Research Technique. New York:
The Free Press.

Rohner, Ronald P., DeWalt, Billie R., and Ness, Robert C.
1973 "Ethnographer bias in cross-cultural research: An
empirical study." Behavior Science Notes 8:275-317.

Rohner, Ronald P., D. Scott Berg, Evelyn C. Rohner
1982 "Data quality control in the Standard Cross-cultural
sample: Cross-cultural codes." Ethnology 21:359-369.

Divale, William Tulio
1976 "Female status and cultural evolution: A study in
ethnographer bias." Behavior Science Research 11:169-211.

Naroll did the witchcraft study.

J. Patrick Gray