body adornment

Eric Silverman (ERICS@DEPAUW.EDU)
Fri, 13 May 1994 14:02:05 -0500

Sources on body adornment:

Rubin, Marks of Civilization.
Faris, Nuba Personal Art.
O'Hanlon, Reading the Skin
Strathern and Strathern, Self-Decoration in Mount Hagen.
Steiner, Body Personal and Body Politic, Anthropos 85 (1990).
Mascia-Lees and Sharpe, Tattoo, Torture, Mutilation and Adornment.

If somebody needs more references, they can contact me directly.

Also, I would suggest that any studcy of body ornamentation begin, essentially,
with the symbolic homology between the human (somatic) body and society (or
the body politic).

-Eric Silverman
DePauw University
Greencastle, IN 46135