css94 conference

Thu, 12 May 1994 21:11:47 EDT


Social Sciences Computing Association

Office of Academic Computing Services,
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences,
University of Maryland

The Social Science Computing Association's 5th Annual Conference
will be held at the University of Maryland, University College,
from May 31 - June 3, 1994.

Computing for the Social Sciences 1994 (CSS'94) features the theme
"Information Society: Superhighways or Gridlock?" The conference
will focus on issues that relate to the National Information
Infrastructure (NII) as the foundation of a universal electronic
data network. Topics not directly related to the conference theme
will be presented and discussed as well.

This conference will feature presentations, panels, discussions,
and demonstrations on a wide range of computing areas. Please
review the conference agenda listed on the next few pages.

The Program Chair for CSS94 is Dr. William Sims Bainbridge of the
National Science Foundation. This year's conference chair is
Professor Charles Wellford of the University of Maryland, College
Park. Dr. Wellford is the Director of the Institute of Criminal
Justice and Criminology, as well as the Acting Director of the
Office of Academic Computing Services (OACS) at UMCP.

General questions about the conference may be directed via
electronic mail to CSS94@bss1.umd.edu, to Dr. Wellford at
cwellford@bss2.umd.edu, or to William Bainbridge at

Registration Information

CSS94 will be held May 31 - June 3, 1994 in the Adult Education
Center of the University of Maryland, University College.

Registration fees are as follows:

Pre-registration (FAX or Mail-in by May 20):

Non-Student: $150.00 entire conference
Student: $75.00 entire conference

On-Site Registration:

Non-Student: $175.00 entire conference
Student: $100.00 entire conference
Single Day: $100.00

Registration includes all items listed in the agenda, as well as 2
working lunches and a working dinner.

Please direct any questions to the CSS94 Office at (301) 405-1661
or e-mail CSS94@bss1.umd.edu.

Registration Confirmation and Badge Pick-Up

Registration forms postmarked on or before May 20, 1994 will be
acknowledged by mail. Registration badges and conference materials
may be picked up at University College during Registration Check-In

Registration Check-In Hours

Tuesday, May 31 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
Wednesday, June 1 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday, June 2 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Mail or FAX to: CSS94 Office
Room 0221, Lefrak
University Of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

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Getting to the Inn and Conference Center at the University of MD,
University College

>From Baltimore:

I-95 South to the Capital Beltway (495) to College Park, U.S.
Route 1 South (Exit 25). Proceed 1 mile south on U.S. 1 and
take a right onto 193 West. At the 3rd traffic light (Adelphi
Rd.), make a U-turn, and park in the parking lot on the right.

>From Bowie/Annapolis and Areas to the East:

Take Route 50 to the Capital Beltway (95), north on 95 to
College Park. Exit to U.S. Route 1 South (Exit 25). Proceed
one mile on Route 1 and turn right onto 193. At the 3rd
traffic light (Adelphi Rd.), make a U-turn, and park in the
parking lot on the right.

>From Montgomery County and Areas to the West:

Take the Capital Beltway (495) to New Hampshire Avenue South
(650). At the 2nd light, make a left onto Adelphi Road. Go
about 2 miles to the 3rd light, and make a left onto
University Blvd. and an immediate right into the parking lot.

Parking Garage rates at University College are $4.00 / day.

The University College operates a hotel and two restaurants.

Restaurant hours span 7:00 am - 10:00 pm

Hotel room rates: Single $69.00 per night
Double $84.00 per night

Preliminary Program

Theme: Information Society: Superhighways or Gridlock?

Date: May 31 - June 3, 1994

Location: Adult Education Center
University of Maryland at College Park

Tuesday, May 31

Evening Reception

Wednesday, June 1

Plenary Session
Welcome - Bruce Tonn and Charles
Keynote Address - Roberta Balstad Miller,
Executive Director, CIESIN
Title - Information Society: (O Brave
New World)

Thematic Panel: Perspectives on the Information Society and
Social Sciences

Chair: Chad McDaniel, University of Maryland
Bruce Tonn, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
William Sims Bainbridge, National Science
Ronald Anderson, University of Minnesota

Panel 1: Towards a National Information Network: Problems and

Richard Rockwell, Executive Director,
ICPSR, Three Revolutions in Social
Science Computing

C. Ann Hollifield, Ohio State University,
A National Network in the Global

Dianne Phillips, The Manchester
Metropolitan University, Vaut Le
DeTour: The Information Highway in
the U.K.

James A. Anderson, Purdue University,
Creating a National Information
Infrastructure for Health Care

Panel 2: The Role of Computing in History

Chair: Chris Waldrep, Eastern Illinois
Randolph Roth, Ohio State University
Vernon Burton, University of Illinois
Terry Finnegan, William Patterson College

Robert Harris, Binghamton University

Luncheon Speaker, Richard Jensen, University of Illinois -- Chicago
H-Net -- History on Line

Panel 3: Information Society: Highways or Tollroads?

Chair: Sherwood Dowling, Simthsonian

Judith A. Perrolle, Northeastern
University, The Tragedy of the
Information Common: Privatization
and the National Information

Amy Fletcher, University of Georgia,
Implementation of the Information
Superhighway: An Analysis of
Critical Issues

J. Andrew Raynor, North Carolina State
University, Who Owns the Road:
Economic and Property Rights
Implications of the Internet

Panel 4: Changing Technology in Survey Data Collection

Chair: Clyde Tucker, Bureau of Labor

Demonstration - Herman W. Smith, University of Missouri at St.
Louis, Interact 2.0 for AI Representation of Japanese and American
Cultural Differences

Tutorial: Multi Media
Ed Carpenter, University of Arizona

Panel 5: Teaching with Technology

Chair: Joseph Lengermann, University of Maryland

Panel 6: Accessing and Using Data Bases

Chair: Bruce Tonn, OakRidge National Laboratory

Peter Granda, ICPSR, Data Archiving and
Network Distribution: The
Euro-barometer Surveys

Albert Anderson and Paul Anderson,
University of Michigan, Interactive
Access to Large Data Sets

Joan Combs Durso, Pennsylvania State
University at Great Valley, Getting
Data on Americans Quickly: Using
Census Data Exploration Programs in
the classroom

Demonstration - Watershed Base Map Development; From the Ignorant
to the Sublime
Robert O. Bixby, St. Cloud State

Demonstration in the AT&T Teaching Theater
Chad McDaniel, University of Maryland

Demonstration in the AT&T Teaching Theater
Theo Stone, University of Maryland

Thursday, June 2

Breakfast Discussion Groups:

Community Network Projects
Discussion Leader, Melanie Loots,
National Center for Supercomputing

Designing a Questionnaire Concerning
Federal Data Access Review

Discussion Leader, Sherwood Dowling,
Smithsonian Institution

Plenary Session

Chair: Ronald Anderson, University of
Andrew Molnar, National Science

Tutorial: Using the History Network
Richard Jensen, Executive Dirctor H-NET,
University of Illinois at Chicago

Panel 7: Information and Interaction: Technology and Social

Avi Hyman, Ontario Institute for Studies
in Education, MOO's, MUD's, GOPHER
and the Web: Ethnical Issues
Arising from the Use of the
Information Superhighway in
Educational Settings

John Sprage, Queens University,
Approaches to Group Work and Data

Glenn Ricart, University of Maryland,
Economics to Networking

John P. Walsh, University of Illinois at
Chicago, Social Structure and
Technology: Computer Networks and
Scientific Work

Kumiko Aoki, University of Hawaii,
Intercultural Tele-Collaboration: A
Proposed Research Project

Panel 8: Computing Professionals and the Support of Social

Kim Jordan, Chair, Whitman College
Paul Duckenfield, Grinnell College
Mark Keintz, University of Pennsylvania
Thomas Flory, University of Wisconsin

Demonstration - Global Data Systems

Ric Cicone, CIESIN

Luncheon Speaker: Eliot Christian, U.S. Geological Survey

Government Information Locator Service


National Center for Supercomputing

2. Great American History Machine,
Chad McDaniel, University of Maryland

3. America On-Line,
Steve Deitz, Smithsonian Institution

4. Electronic Social Science Coursework,
David Garson, North Carolina State

5. Developing Multimedia for the Social
Sciences, Featuring An American
Government Interactive Video Disc
Marc A. Triebwasser, Central Connecticut
State University

6. Information Meeting for Center for
Electronic Records, National
Margaret Q. Adams, National Archives

7. GIS, Street Addresses, and Social
Derek Thompson and Donald Jarvinen,
University of Maryland

8. Interactive Access to PUMS,
Albert Anderson and Paul Anderson,
University of Michigan

Business Meeting, Social Science Computing Association

Speaker: Paul Peters, Executive Director, Coalition for Networked
Imagining a World Transformed by

Friday, June 3

Panel 9: Simulation and Statistics: The Role of IT

Chair: Albert Anderson, University of

Gary Anderson, University of Maryland,
The Use of Mathematica Across the

Solomon Honig, Montclair State
University, Modeling Random Economic
Models with Spreadsheet Programs

Panel 10: Approaches to Data Collection and Analysis

Chair: William Evans, Georgia Tech,
Computer Environments for Content

Evelyn Rodriguez Alamo, University of
Puerto Rico at Rio Piedras,
Linguistics -- Conceptual or
Iconographic Symbols

Robert Brookshire, James Madison
University, and Elaine K. Swift,
Dartmouth College, Designing a
Relational Database of Historical
Congressional Statistics

Stanford Mukasa, Indiana University of
Pennsylvania, Network Applications
in Computer Aided Reporting

Panel 11: NCSA Probe Project Update

Chair: Melanie Loots, NCSA

Andy Beveridge, Queens College

Terry Finnegan, University of Illinois,
Historical Census Data Analysis

Joan Combs Durso, Pennsylvania State
University at Great Valley,
Constructing a Synthetic Data Set to
Evaluate Income Dependent Child
Support Guidelines

Panel 12: Issues in the Use of IT in Higher Education

Chair: David Garson, North Carolina
State University

Gary Klass, Illinois State University,
Opening the Classroom to the World

Brad Lyman, Baltimore County Community
College, Scientific Inquiry into
Sociology: A Laboratory Manual for
Introductory Sociology

Robert O. Bixby, St. Cloud State
University, The Merging of
Undergraduate, Graduate, Technical
and Applied GIS and Remote Sensing

Bruce Rocheleau, North Illinois
University, The Organization and
Politics of University Computing

Panel 13: Software Reviews

Chair: Ed Brent, University of Missouri

Richard Goldstein, Software Reviews
Editor of the American Statistician,
An Editor/User's View of Software

Ted Stevenson, PC Magazine, Reliable
Reviews 22 Times a Year: How We Do
It at PC Magazine

Randy Pitzer, SPSS Inc, A Vendor's
Perspective on Software Reviews

Grant Blank, University of Chicago, The
Science of Software Reviews


CSS94 Office
University of Maryland
0221 Lefrak Hall
College Park, MD 20742

Phone: (301) 405 - 1661
FAX: (301) 314 - 9869

e-mail: CSS94@bss1.umd.edu