Re: Titles and names

Eugenia M. Moreno (gmoreno@NOVA.UMUC.EDU)
Sun, 3 Mar 1996 22:51:32 -0500

On Sun, 3 Mar 1996, Elizabeth Vance wrote:

> I must admit I'm amused to hear this. As an older undergraduate (I'm
> also 28), and married, I am rarely treated like a student. When I
> technique to intimidate their students. I'm not as easy to intimidate as
> some 18 year old. Most of my professors treat me as an equal, and I
> have wonderful relationships with them. My opinions are now considered
> valid. Whether this is a product of simply being wiser than I was 10
> years ago, or because others think I am, well, who really knows? <grin>
> - Elizabeth

Elizabeth`s post reminded me how much variance there can be in the
classroom experience. Many of the instructors I have had in my undergrad
courses (I am almost 1/2 through my requisite bachelor`s) remark about
their age and how they are the oldest in the class. What amuses me is
that the instructor is often near my age or even younger! I am a 42 YO
divorced grandmom and have seen my "street smarts" translate into greater
adaptability in classroom situations. Still, irrespective of age, I
address instructors as Dr., Mr. or Ms (Mrs if it is her preference...)
because I do not presume to be their chum- especially in the classroom.
My tendency to formality notwithstanding, I usually have a good rapport
with my instructors. The almost-certain given with adult learners is
that we really want to pursue our educational goals and are willing to
make proportionately greater sacrifices to make progress (albeit a slower
progress) in our studies. Instructors/profs know this and respect it a
great deal. Perhaps this accounts for some of the validation that
Elizabeth and I have experienced -certainly can`t be that we *look* older
and wiser! ;-)