Re: bucks and does

Harriet Whitehead (whitehea@WSUNIX.WSU.EDU)
Fri, 17 Mar 1995 07:24:10 -0800

Look at who's not letting it go! I take it from the foregoing that when
you say "bucks" this does not raise any suggestion of gender, but when
you say "does" it does. Brilliant logic. Go back to feeding your deer,

Harriet Whitehead
Anthropology WSU

On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Thomas W. Rimkus wrote:

> On Thu, 16 Mar 1995, Harriet Whitehead wrote:
> > Oh brother! Sorry to have started yet another potential gender antagonism
> > thread on the list - especially as I'm about to "set nomail" for spring
> > break, but just for the record I'll repeat what I've sent to the
> > concerned others in private posts: the dynamics of the deer herd that
> > Thomas Rimkus was alluding to are gender dynamics. It's built into the
> > analogy. Take the gender out and the analogy becomes senseless. I was
> > responding according to the analogy. Now suddenly the analogy user seems
> > to want to wash his hands of the gender implications. IMHO that won't work.
> >
> > Harriet Whitehead
> > Anthropology WSU
> >
> Can you see nothing but gender issues and sexist rhetoric? I responded
> to you adequately in private but for some unexplained reason must do it here
> in public also.
> Male deer, referred to as "bucks" are the actively aggressive members of
> their specie. Do you argue this point? Nowhere in my postings have I
> denied the right of female members of this community to be
> active or aggressive. The mapping (you are familiar with fundamental
> set-theoretic concepts I assume) of active (read aggressive) members of
> the list community onto the active (aggressive) members of the deer
> community which was inherent in the "bucks in the clearing" analogy has as
> little relationship to the gender of the deer as it has
> to the number of feet the animal puts on the ground. I am no more washing
> my hands of gender issues than I am of four hoof issues. YOU have gender
> on your hands and mind, NOT I. You mentioned "does", remember. That was
> when "gender" raised its ugly head!!! If you cannot see the distinction
> here, I suggest you stop, take a vacation and come back to it another time.
> Let it go.
> In the mean time, lets try to see if we can glean any valuable insights
> about assumptions from this experience. Also, I hope I can avoid
> mentioning anything that anyone with a predetermined agenda can hop on. I
> dont have much faith in that, however, I can hear the thumping of four
> footed criters out my window as I write these last few lines.
> Tom Rimkus
> Madison County
> Arkansas
> BTW, I feed the deer here in our valley, I dont shoot them. I hope they
> herd that.