top ten ballgame list

Fri, 17 Mar 1995 09:56:25 -0400

Here at Wright State we've just finished the quarter. That means it is
paper time. I thought list members might get a chuckle from the
following "Top Ten List" that accompanied a presentation on the
Pre-Colombian Ball Game. What with the NCAA tournament underway, it
seems a timely piece...

So the top ten reasons people love the "Ball Game"
10. Name changed to "Tlachtli" because "You Lose, You Die" wasn't catchy.

9. Anyone can bet... Shh! Pete Rose might be listening.

8. Court shaped like "I" precursor to Indiana Basketball greatness--yeah
right whou the hell are we kidding?

7. Wearing only leather girdles and gloves allowed players to moonlight
as Madonna's dancers.

6. Players had to strike ball with appropriate body part... ow! that is
going to leave a mark!

5. You know the sport is rough when there are more ways to die than win.

4. Goals were so rare that after being showered with gifts, the scorer
would stick his face in the camera and scream, "Who is this Gretsky freak

3. Being sacrificed after match better than pulling groin muscle in
pre-game warm up.

2. With a name like Xipe Toltec, it has got to be good!.

1. Game my ass, it is an obsession!


Well, at least I had a good laugh.....

Jeff Cohen
Wright State University