lists in feminist anthropology (reply to C. Taylor)

Candice Bradley (Candice.Bradley@LAWRENCE.EDU)
Wed, 15 Mar 1995 13:47:03 -0600

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Chris, there are several feminist lists out there, some relevant to
anthropologist specifically. I am on two, neither of which overwhelm me with
mail, and both lists seem reasonable and non-contentious.
Committee on status of women in archaeology, but issues are discussed that are
relevant to non-archaeological women anthropologists. There are often arch.
job postings, announcements of meetings and conferences, etc.
I was introduced to feminisa by one of my students who is writing a paper on
female genital mutilation. She says she joined and discovered an ongoing
conversation on exactly this topic. I have seen such things as 1) discussion
of resources (giant bib) on women and islam; 2) a first-person story about a
rape; 3) a querry about classroom materials on women and the law, particularly
women of color; 4) a discussion of women's rights in developing countries with
bibliographic materials being offered up. I am saving and downloading a bunch
of this stuff because it is all so useful to people who teach gender courses in

I hope both these lists continue to have the friendly, supportive character
they do now.

There are lots of other lists to explore. Look in the gopher for lists of
lists -- I have found it under UCIrvine's gopher services, worldwide info.
There are pages of lists on women and feminism. I believe I offered "women" as
the keyword to access this list of lists.

Good question.

>Is there any interest from the folks on this list in a Feminist Anthro
>List? I would like to do an informal survey to see if it would be worth
>my time to check into the possibilities. As far as I know, our program
>[which offers a Ph.D. in Feminist Anthropology] is the only one of it's
>kind in the U.S. While there are many FemAnthropologists out there, we
>here at the U of I feel a bit disconnected since we are so far away from
>either the Eastern Seaboard schools or the California ones. Please let
>me know if you would be interested in this interprise. Happy Reading!

>Chris Taylor /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ /\ Program of Feminist Anthropology
> \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ University of Iowa

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