Re: Kicking Robert Johnson off

Warren Sproule (Warren.Sproule@SOCIOL.UTAS.EDU.AU)
Mon, 13 Mar 1995 09:59:35 +0200

Dearly Beloved,

In view of the decision made to remove Robert Johnson from ANTHRO-L, I feel
I can no longer remain a member of this list. This course of action should
not be construed as support for either the content of Johnson's posts or
the manner in which his opinions have been expressed. Nor is it an
assertion that Hugh Jarvis had no *de jure* right to take the step that he
did. It's simply an issue of personal opposition to censorship, and a
belief that freedom of expression centrally concerns the freedom to allow
ideas that one *DISAPPROVES OF* to be expressed. I can't in all good faith
stand opposed to, eg, proposed governmental censorship of the internet on
the one hand, and remain implicated in another form of opinion-suppression
on the other. I'm too old-fashioned to suddenly become that morally
bi-focal, and too old to engage in the necessary mental and moral
gymnastics such a position entails.

Before I go, let me express my gratitude and appreciation to ALL
listmembers. Your postings have helped immeasurably in the shaping of my
own ideas, and I've thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I wish you all well in your
respective enterprises.

So long, and thanks for all the fish!