Re: Robert Johnson -- now beyond the bounds?

Luca Boscardin (boscardi@UCSUB.COLORADO.EDU)
Sat, 11 Mar 1995 16:25:27 -0700

Professor Robert Thornton wrote:

>People have suggested that Robert Johnson leave Colorado and see
>something of the rest of the world, and, in effect, that he grow up.
>He may be too angry, confused and hurt -- too limited an individual
>altogether -- to grow up; but I hope he stays in Colorado. I can
>take flames and anger. He has the right to criticise anthropology or
>any other system of thought and knowledge. But whatever his motives
>may be, and whatever his background and experience, I do not want to
>read his advocacy for human bloodshed on this list anymore. I have
>had enough of that, and I have had enough of Robert Johnson, the moral
>child, and his tantrums.

Dr Thornton:

If I remember correctly, YOU grew up in Colorado... It may be that you need
to pay a visit to your hometown for a change. It may well be that there's
something happening here of which YOU are not aware...

As far as censorship is concerned, your suggestion that RJ be thrown off
the list is truly indicative of the moral morass of today's anthropology.
I want to remind you and others of the many contributions that RJ has made
to this list, and particularly of the Chiapas reposts he has sent us, of
the "Declaration of Indigenous People on the genome project", of the "
Balinese Tourism Development Resistance", of the "Amazon Indians being
evicted in Brazil", of the "Crow Canyon Disneyland and real Estate
Development", and of today's "Chiapas and the School of the Americas".
These are all valuable contributions to the list, contributions that have
allowed many of us to connect with relevant issues, individuals, and
research opportunities. If his postings offend you, too bad! That's no
reason to demand that he be excluded from the list. Who are you, anyhow,
to demand such course of action? Maybe YOU should question YOUR political
beliefs regarding this totalitarian attitude of YOURS...

On Robert Johnson's statement concerning arm exports to the Zapatistas, I
would like to remind you of the Croat situation in what was once
Yugoslavia... what is the moral status of the arms embargo imposed by the
UN Security Council on Yugoslavia? Is it detrimental to the Serbians?
Many in the past months have proposed a repeal of the embargo, claiming
that without it the civil war in Yugoslavia would swiftly come to an end...
the majority of the European countries, however, have opposed such a
resolution on the same exact moral grouds you embrace... pacifism,
non-intervention, non-implementation, arms embargos, internationally
arranged cease-fires, distancing... meanwhile, the war in Yugoslavia goes
on behind the curtain of silance we have imposed on ourselves in the name
of morality...

An adolescent who's not a communist is a bastard, but an adult who's still
a communist is an idiot!