Re: Robert Johnson -- now beyond the bounds?

Luca Boscardin (boscardi@UCSUB.COLORADO.EDU)
Sat, 11 Mar 1995 15:07:09 -0700

Professor Robert Thornton wrote:

>People have suggested that Robert Johnson leave Colorado and see
>something of the rest of the world, and, in effect, that he grow up.
>He may be too angry, confused and hurt -- too limited an individual
>altogether -- to grow up; but I hope he stays in Colorado. I can
>take flames and anger. He has the right to criticise anthropology or
>any other system of thought and knowledge. But whatever his motives
>may be, and whatever his background and experience, I do not want to
>read his advocacy for human bloodshed on this list anymore. I have
>had enough of that, and I have had enough of Robert Johnson, the moral
>child, and his tantrums.