Creation of a SEAsia unit within AAA.

Thu, 9 Mar 1995 17:55:22 -0800

AAA Members:

I would like to know if there is any interest among AAA members in
starting a unit dedicated to the geographical area of Southeast Asia, and
whether action to create such a unit might commence with this fall's annual
mtg. I do not know what the procedures are for initiating such an undertaking,
but i would like to hear from those of you who would like to be involved.
For the want of a better name, I suppose the sec. couldbe called something like:
Society for the Study of Southeast Asian Cultures. I would be very interested
in a unit devoted to East Asian Cultures also. Maybe they could be combined
for the sake of parsimony . . .(maybe not, if that upsets someone).
In earlier years, the Committee on Refugee Issues (sponsored by and
nurtured under the wing of GAD) focused chiefly on SEAsian refugee migrants,
their plight, the camps, and adjustment problems consequential to coming
to the USA and other destination countries. Now, (and rightly so)
that committee has its hands full with simply the *world-wide* phenomena
of refugee migrants. I still find studies, issues, and AAA mtg sessions on
refugees interesting and compelling, but I have developed a strong interest
in the peoples of the Far East, in general, and would like to learn more about
what others are doing as far as research overseas *and* with immigrant
communities here in the US. Maybe it is not politically correct to have
geographical specializations anymore (?). I really don't know. Maybe it is
the case that since the 'other' is now us or 'we are them', the result is
simply currrent issues and news generated from something like SEASIA-L... ?
Unless there is a moratorium on creating new sections, does anyone
out there see this idea as being feasible? I don't personally feel I have
the where-with-all to lead such an initial coalition, so responses should be
addressed right back to the ANTHRO-L list (not me personally) - maybe someone
out there would like to "pick up the ball and run with it."

Thanks for your attention.

Kerry S. Penning