WEDA - An Announcement

Hugh W Jarvis (hjarvis@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Thu, 9 Mar 1995 19:39:05 -0500

WEDA, the Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists, is a listing of
museums, academic departments, government agencies, private companies,
journals, unattached scholars, and any other institution or individual
engaged in teaching or research in anthropology, its subfields, or any
of its related fields. WEDA is intended to be used as a reference tool,
to assist in communication between the scattered members of our discipline.
It is not to be used for commerce, or for bulk mailings that do not relate
to anthropology.

Please contact me if you are not listed, are listed incorrectly, or
know someone who should be listed. Feel free to circulate this listing
as widely as you desire. It is free.

The easiest way to access WEDA is through gopher to
and through the menu string Academic/Academic Departments/Anthropology/WEDA,
or through a WWW browser to the URL
Once there, you will have the options of searching the directory by way
of keywords (Boolean searching is possible), or by actually browsing the
whole file. You may then download the file, but be advised it is updated
almost daily.

Each entry contains the address and phone/fax number, plus the names and
email addresses of people who use email. Optionally each person may list
their research interests as a series of keywords. Some entries include a
contact person, someone who is willing to serve as a go-between for others
who do not have email addresses.

AIA (Archaeological Institute of America List)
Center for the Study of Architecture, Box 60, Bryn Mawr, PA, USA, 19010
Ph: 215-526-7925 Fax: 215-526-7926
EITELJORG, Nick (Owner)

AKIN, David
8483 Crane Rd, Milan, MI, USA, 48160
Ph: 313-434-2826

ALASKA, Fairbanks, University of Alaska at
Anthropology Dept, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA 99775
Ph: 907-474-7288
LEWIS, Michael A. or ftmal@alaska.bitnet
Human response to climate change

If you want to be added to the directory, if you have corrections, or
new information to add about others, please contact me at this address:

Hugh Jarvis

Wings Information Provider Consultant
Anthropology, 380 MFAC, SUNY at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY 14261-0005 716-838-3490 (res)