Re: Lief Hendrickson

Danny Yee (danny@STAFF.CS.SU.OZ.AU)
Thu, 2 Mar 1995 14:03:24 +1000

> Let me get this straight, Lief Hendrickson has the audacity to complain
> about someone else's frequent postings?

Lief wasn't complaining about the frequency of the postings so much as
the fact that they were all second-hand. I tend to sympathise with his
feelings about this. In many cases interesting and useful information
can be relayed to the list, but it's just too easy to copy material
from elsewhere and dump it. (They call it "dumping" or "flooding"
on IRC.) If they write garbage themselves, on the other hand, then
at least it's clear that they care enough about the subject to invest
time and effort in participating, and I don't get so annoyed.

In some USENET newsgroups you find individuals getting hold of a
scanner and a whole pile of tracts (usually political or religious)
and just dumping reams and reams of material. When said people
refuse to debate people who try to argue with them, and just keep
dumping stuff, one wonders whether they are reading the list at all,
or just using it as a propaganda outlet...

> Furthermore, if anybody is
> lacking in terms of formulating their own ideas, it has to be Mr.
> Hendrickson. The only thread I've seen him develop is one of constant
> complaining and criticism.

Even if this were true, I see the devils advocate as an important role
(heck, most of my messages are critical rather than directly constructive).

Danny Yee.