ACRONYMS and access

Mon, 28 Mar 1994 08:39:12 CST

I am rather surprised to hear the griping about Internet lingo from people
whose dsicipline includes such goodies as patrifiliation, cognatic, agnatic,
matrilateral, bifurcate merging, bilineal, multilineal, matrifocality,
prestation, prognathism, Cercipithecoid, morphophonemic, proxemic,
sociocultural, and a host of other slices of professional argot designed to
mystify the brightest of undergraduates. Our better textbooks must minimally
include a glossary to guide neophytes through the minfield of professional
jargon. Quit bitching and look at Danny Yee's most recent review of a guide
to the Internet. The acronyms are there to save communicational space, which
is more than I can say for a lot of our jargon.

Mike Lieber