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Mon, 28 Mar 1994 11:40:50 BST

The Faculty of Arts of the University of Southampton,
UK,announces its new MA programme within the School of
Research and Graduate Studies. Its interdisciplinary focus
combines academic rigour with the excitement of research
across the boundaries of traditional disciplines, and its core
course:option structure secures intellectual coherence for
each MA while allowing flexibility in the choice of

The MA (2 core units, 2 option units, 2 research skills units
and a dissertation) and Diploma (without dissertation) courses
may be followed full-time (over 1 year) or part-time (over two
years); UK students may seek funding under the British Academy
or ESRC studentship schemes, and in addition the Arts Faculty
offers a number of postgraduate bursaries for overseas
students as well as some postgraduate studentships.

The following MAs/Diplomas are available:

Archaeological Theory
Culture and Social Change
Early Modern European Culture
European Cultural Studies
Film Studies
French Language and Culture
Gender and Culture
Medieval Studies
Nationalism and Cultural Difference
Philosophy of Mind
Theatre and Performance Studies
Arts (General)

The following courses should be of particular interest to subscribers to this

This MA provides students with an awareness of the most recent developments in
archaeological theory, relevant to all aspects of the discipline, wherever it
is practised and whatever period it concerns; and equips them with the
theoretical and methodological tools to carry out research on substantive
archaeological topics of current interest. The core units are 'Recent history
of archaeology and theories of archaeological inference' and 'Theoretical
approaches to understanding past societies'; options include 'The history of
anthropological and archaeological theory', 'Method and theory in classical
archaeology', 'Understanding material culture', 'Imagined communities of the
past', 'Archaeology in the post-colonial context', 'Design utopias', and
'Consumption and material culture', with further relevant options available
from other MA programmes eg 'Gender and Culture', 'Nationalism and Cultural
difference'. Research Skills units include 'Archaeological Research Design'.

This MA provides training in the interdisciplinary analysis of culture and
society in medieval western Europe, and draws on the rich resources present
within the region itself for such analysis. It provides a thorough grounding
in linguistic and other relevant skills for research in medieval studies as
well as a range of options including medieval literature, *archaeology* and
This MA focuses on the origins, nature and expressions of nationalism with
specific reference to cultural difference. Its interdisciplinary approach
involves cultural studies, history, *anthropology, archaeology*, linguistics
and literature. The course has an international focus, but students can
concentrate on specific areas...

Applications for 1994 must be made by 15 September 1994 at the
latest, but earlier if possible, especially if seeking funding
(BA and ESRC deadline is 1 May 1994). Further details of
course content, qualifications required, funding etc are
available from the SRGS Secretary at the address below.

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