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Subject: new electronic forum: PACIFIC-ISLANDS-L

------------------------------ Announcement ---------------------------------

The PACIFIC-ISLANDS-L electronic forum on

This Forum was established by the Pacific Island Liaison Centre, RSPAS,
ANU to provide a world-wide communications vehicle and a central
electronic archive for anyone working on, or interested in the study
and documentation of the Pacific Islands region.

The Forum begins operation without a moderator and is open to all,
subject to subscription approval by the Listowner (see below).

The Forum was established on the 11 March 1994 on the joint initiative
of the Coombs Computing Unit, Research Schools of Social Sciences &
Pacific and Asian Studies, The Australian National University, and
Professor Donald Denoon, Division of Pacific & Asian History, RSPAS,

Anyone, whether a registered member or not, can electronically view
and retrieve the communications to the forum using a database
'ANU-Pacific-Islands-L' accessible through the standard WAIS software and
through the ANU's COOMBSQUEST Social Sciences and Humanities
Information Facility gopher running on the,
port 70 as well as on the, port 70 machines.

1) to join (subscribe to) the forum send e-mail
message: subscribe Pacific-Islands-L your e-mail address
[eg: subscribe Pacific-Islands-L]

----------------------------end of the announcement----------------------------
Dr T. Matthew CIOLEK
Coombs Computing Unit, Research School of Social Sciences,
Australian National University, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia